Design Research Project Conception

Instructions on conducting design research, emphasizing Budget, Success Criteria, and Deliverables

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Design Research Project Planning

Instructions on conducting design research, emphasizing focus setting, recruitment, and planning.

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Design Research Skills and Tools

Instructions on conducting design research, emphasizing team roles, tools and materials, and data collection and management.

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Generative Design Research Methods

An overview of methods, including Focus Groups, Interviews, Immersion, Participatory Research, and Contextual Inquiry.

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Skills and Theory of Generative Design Research

An introduction to Design Research, emphasizing the power of qualitative data in driving insights.

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Facilitated Sketching

How to use sketching as a collaborative process for driving innovation from "non-designers."

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Introduction to Creative Facilitation

An introduction to the process of facilitated creativity, with multiple stakeholders ideating in a group environment.

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2x2 for Creative Downselection

A method of evaluating design ideas based on subjective criteria, in order to narrow focus after ideation.

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Introduction to Iteration

An introduction to the iterative process of sketching and prototyping.

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An introduction to the process of prototyping as an iterative means to an end.

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A method for visualizing a scenario through scenes and screens.

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Use Cases and Scenarios

A method for describing new design solutions over time, emphasizing how people can achieve their goals.

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Intro to Design, Design Thinking, and Wicked Problems

An introduction to the process and stance of design, highlighting the foundational concepts of empathy, prototyping, and abductive reasoning.

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Concept Mapping

A method for creating a visualization of a complex system, based on language and conncetion.

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Contextual Design Work Modeling

A method for visualizing how work unfolds over time, by segmenting work into five "slices."

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Customer Journey Mapping

A method for understanding emotional wants, needs, and desires at multiple stages during an experience.

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Data, Insights and Themes

A method for moving from raw data to patterns, and ultimately, to new insights.

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Insight Combination

A method for forcing new design ideas out of provocative combinations of ideas.

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A method for creating new design ideas by examining old situations in new ways.

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Sketching for a Service

A method for mapping and understanding a complex service offering.

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Concept Map

A method for mapping a large system by identifying action-relationships between entities.

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Contextual Design Work Modeling - Worksheet

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Customer Journey Map

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Design Research

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Insight Combination

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